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Panel shed 3,40×4,80 PS-3

13 380,00  brutto

Garbage shed – panelled 3.40×4.80

Garbage shed – panelled 3.40m wide x 4.80m deep. Roof with slope to the rear
(2.30m front / 2.10m rear). Structure entirely made of galvanised closed sections
(profiles). The shed is fitted with a 1.60m wide double-leaf gate fully clad in
galvanised steel mesh. The sheathing on the walls consists of panels made of flat
sheet metal in walnut and white – RAL9002. The entire shed is finished with flashings
in the form of corners and windbreaks in walnut colour.
Features of a panel shed:
asymmetrical gate 1.60m centrally positioned,
door equipped with a lock,
roof with pitch to the rear ( 2.30/ 2.10),
roof made of one length of T18 sheet
all-steel construction
galvanised construction,
0.7 mm thick sheet metal panels,
flashings in the form of corners and weathervanes,