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Lightweight internal container

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Lightweight internal containers are a new line of containers in production for internal use. They are characterised by the repeatability of multiple modules, lightweight construction and functional adaptability.
DIMENSIONS AVAILABLE (can be freely configured in terms of repetition of available modules, creating a customised space to suit your needs) :
2220 mm x 2220 mm
3220 mm x 2220 mm
4220 mm x 2220 mm
5220 mm x 2220 mm
total height: 2700 mm
internal height: 2500 mm
Steel structure made of angle and channel iron, welded together according to EN 1090-1+A1:2012 and EXC2 execution class, cleaned and protected against corrosion, painted with structural topcoat. Transport lugs (according to ISO standards) located in the corners. Additionally, in the lower frame of the structure prepared guides for a forklift truck.
Floor structure made of "Z" sections, 22 mm thick OSB floor board, PVC object flooring with skirting boards.
Sheathed in 60 mm thick sandwich panel with polyurethane core.
Available colours: RAL 9010 white, RAL 9006 silver, RAL 7016 graphite, and RAL 9010 white on the inside.
WINDOWS: permanent window units, tilt and turn windows, sliding window
units with a fixed dimension of 800 mm x 1300 mm. In addition, the window
joinery may have external blinds integral with the window frame (built-in).
DOORS: technical object doors manufactured by Wiśniowski 800 mm x 2000 mm
Colours of window and door joinery: white or graphite
IN STANDARD: external connection socket, fuse box with RP protection, LED
lighting, switch, internal socket 1x230V - 2 pcs. ADDITIONAL OPTION:
heating - electric heater 500W or 1500W.
The finished product is accompanied by a CE declaration of performance.