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Guardhouses, gatehouses or so-called parking booths are widely used, mainly on construction sites and car parks. Height 2.48/2.43 (overall dimension) 2.20 inside according to DIN. The typical construction is made of 80 mm thick sandwich panel embedded in a steel frame painted with topcoat. The floor of the watchtower is lined with MDF and PVC lining. There is the possibility of installing an opening window, serving window or display window. Electrical installation with heating, external roller shutter, guttering and furnishings are among the additional options. We have expanded our range of products in line with growing demand. We offer 2 variants of guardhouses. Variant I has a closed profile frame taking up some space inside. Variant II is a guardhouse with a section frame and a recessed panel inside.

Manufacturer of guardhouses

Standard panel colours are: 9002 (white), 5010 (blue), 9006 (silver), others at an extra charge.

We offer sheet metal flashings in more than a dozen colours.