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Garbage sheds

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Garbage sheds

Garbage sheds made of steel are made in any size and colour to individual order. The structure of the garbage sheds is made of closed sections protected against corrosion through galvanisation or powder painting (black-RAL9005; graphite-RAL7016; grey – RAL7035). Roof with slope to the rear (2.30m front / 2.10m rear), it is possible to change the roof slope and use a double-pitched roof. Roof sheathed with T18 trapezoidal sheet metal. A double gate is fitted as standard in the shed, additional options are a swing gate and a small door. The entire structure has flashings in the form of corners and wind braces.

Producer of panelled garbage sheds

Wall sheathing of your choice:
1. Coated T12 sheet up to a height of 1.70m, steel mesh above,
2. Panels of 0.7mm thick coated flat sheet,
3. Pine wood planks or composite boards.

Producer of garbage sheds

As a producer of garbage sheds, we also offer the possibility of customising the
structure to the individual needs of each customer.
For special customer orders, we will make steel sheds in any dimension. Therefore, we invite you to contact us. We are a certified manufacturer of garbage sheds, which we have in stock at all times. Regarding current prices, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

All of our garbage sheds carry the CE safety mark and are made in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 quality standard

Surely you are wondering which garbage shed to choose? What should you pay attention to?
First of all, it is important to consider how many and what kind of waste containers will be inside the shed – so you can choose the right garbage shed for you on this basis. Below are examples of the possibilities for the location of waste bins, depending on the size of the garbage shed.

Panelled shed with dimensions 3.00m wide x 5.00m deep. Roof with slope to rear (2.30m front / 2.10m rear). Structure made of galvanised hollow sections. Sheathing consists of 0.7mm thick sheet metal panels. Panel colours are dark silver-RAL9007 and silver-RAL9006. On the roof, trapezoidal sheet T18 in dark silver-RAL9007, sheet thickness 0.5mm. In the shed, an assymetric double-leaf gate fitted with panels.

Features of the paneled shed 3.00m x 5.00m :
 Asymmetrical gate 2.00m centrally positioned,
 Gate equipped with lock with handle,
 Roof with slope to the rear ( 2.30/ 2.10),
 Roof made from one length of T18 sheet, thickness 0.5mm,
 Construction entirely made of galvanised steel profiles,
 Flashings in the form of quoin and wind girders,