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Residential containers

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Residential containers

Residential containers

Residential containers are a new trend in the construction industry. They can be found
all over the world and their popularity is growing every day. They are particularly
popular in developing countries because they are cheaper and easier to build than
traditional houses.
Residential containers can be used to build many different types of homes. They are
ideal for building small detached houses or larger apartment buildings. They can also
be used to build hotels, hostels and guest houses.
Producer of residential containers
We produce containers made of sandwich panels to individual order. Sandwich panel
is a material made of polyethylene (PE) and polystyrene (PS). It is very light, rigid
and weather-resistant. The containers can be made of any insulation material: mineral
wool, polystyrene, polyurethane foam. They can also be finished with aluminium
composites or other materials.
We produce to individual order. We invite you to contact us and to make enquiries.
ALICJA garages – Producer in the area of containers and mobile container systems
All the constructions are made in accordance with EN 1090-1+A1:2012 and
performance class EXC2.

Residential containers are extremely popular spatial solutions which, thanks to their
individual design options, have flexible use and are therefore perfectly tailored to
your needs. The modular design provides you with a multitude of possibilities:
 modular linking and stacking*
 assembly, disassembly and easy expansion

The residential containers guarantee complete design flexibility while providing
comfortable living space. In addition, they have fully equipped sanitary facilities
(compact WC, washbasins, shower cubicles) and kitchenettes with household
appliances (refrigerator (+freezer), mini kitchen, sink). All with the necessary
electrical installation including water storage tanks.
Construction details:
 Steel construction in accordance with EN 1090-1+A1:2012 and performance
class EXC2, protected against corrosion with two-component paint by
hydrodynamic method
 Wall and roof sheathing – sandwich panel with polyurethane core, 80 mm thick
(NRO material, fire-resistant, insulation value U=0.26 [W/m2²K].
 Complete electrical installation including heating (electric heater/heating- cooling
air conditioner)
 Exterior doors Wiśniowski 900 mm x 2000 mm
 Tilt-and-turn windows 9000 mm x 1300 mm
 Flooring finished with industrial carpeting completed with baseboards