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Commercial kiosks

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Commercial kiosks

Commercial kiosks to individual order in any size.

In addition to the watchtowers and tin garages in Alicja’s offer you will also find a wide range of commercial pavilions.
We offer kiosks equipped with electricity and heating as standard and with sanitary part in selected models. The colour of the kiosk can be chosen from a colour palette.
The main advantage is that the kiosk structure is made as a whole and can be quickly moved from place to place without wasting time assembling the structure. The individual design allows us to make and satisfy any need of a demanding customer.
The maximum size of the kiosk can be up to 3m deep and up to 6m wide. In the case of larger kiosk dimensions, it must be an object assembled on site. We encourage you to read the detailed offer of sample kiosks below.