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Office containers, garbage sheds, tin garages


Office container made of sandwich panels Alicja
Our offer includes office and warehouse containers, kiosks and gatehouses, both insulated and uninsulated. Our advantage is a quick and reliable delivery time and a reasonable price. We specialize in making rooms at the customer’s request. We are able to meet any requirements.


Sheet metal garages made at the customer’s request are products of the highest standard. Over the years, the sales branch has expanded to include PREMIUM versions and a new standard with a galvanized structure. In 2012, a new sales department for insulated structures was established. The new standard turned out to be a hit on the Polish market.


Garbage sheds
We make garbage sheds to individual order. Sheds are available in any size and color from the RAL color palette. We make garbage gazebos, bins and garbage enclosures to order. Garbage shelters are currently a universal solution that is used for individual needs as well as the needs of housing cooperatives.

Certified manufacturer of steel structures PN EN 1090-1 + A1:2012


Inner light container

Lightweight internal container made of sandwich panels

Alicja Garażyki

We have been operating on the market for over thirty years, offering high-quality sheet metal garages, garbage shelters, office containers, gatehouses, and halls. We have created a rich and comprehensive offer.

When designing and executing orders, we always use the best materials and advanced technology. As a manufacturer of garages, we ensure their reliability and resistance to mechanical damage and harmful weather conditions.

Premium, insulated garages, garbage shelters, gatehouses, gatehouses and containers made of sandwich panels are made in accordance with the PN EN 1090-1+A1:2012 standard and EXC2 class, a declaration of conformity is issued for the finished product. Our services mainly include small steel structures. Our offer includes, among others, sheet metal garages, insulated garages, garbage shelters and containers. We provide a wide selection of steel structures in many practical variants.

You can order our products in the branches cooperating with our plant in Gdynia, Janki and by contacting our sales representatives by phone.

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